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I`ve started working as a wedding photographer in 2009, on a photo market that abounds in event and product photography, with a signature photographic concept almost anknown, with only few photographers trying to revolutionize the market. Right now, things are changed, there are a lot of photographers, but only few are reaching the top, those who complete their job well, who put heart and passion in their work, who have created and became a brand on the market, and also understands what marketing and customer orientation means. I create signature wedding images because I try with each image that I shoot to do better, to exceed limits, to innovate and never limit my creativity. 

Signature images  are those that can distinguish a photographer from another, that gives style and transmits the photographer`s vision. 

I constantly try, with every event, to approach wedding photography differently, to test the limits of light and get the maximum out of a scene. I wish every couple that I shoot, to have at least one single photo, a unique photo regarding timing, framing, light and approach. Signature images are those who gives shape to your personal brand, those who brings you closer to the customer and who puts you up on the market. When it comes to personal branding, image quality and composition, passion for photography should unite all these under the same roof. 

Nevertheless, those are only the tip of the iceberg.


MARIAN STEREA is an Award-Winning Photographer

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Master Photographers Association award "Aspiring member" category 2016/17 (UK). Watch my video


Top 150 best international wedding photographers for 2016 SLR Lounge

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WPPI Second Half Competition Awards for 2016
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